Where Have I Been?

Hey guys! It’s been a while. How are you?


I know, I know. The header up there was some sort of click bait since I don’t really think you guys must have noticed my absence (I’m always just hanging around, more of a here-and-there kind of presence) but thank you for checking out this blog post, anyway. For me, it’s been ages since I’ve finally posted something that isn’t book review related.

First of all: I did not disappear in real life.  Concerning my featured image above, I really just meant my constant inactivity here in the blogosphere (if you guys think I’ve got a dry sense of humor – you’re right). I think it’s already obvious why my blog was on hiatus? It’s all university work, of course. I’ve been struggling with my classes – you know, late night studying and early morning lectures (cue sobbing) – that I rarely got time for both a good night’s sleep and blogging. Plenty of us bloggers have experienced stuff like this, and it’s always okay to take a break since we do have our own priorities. Blogging is an enjoyment for me, and when I start to think it’s something of a chore, I usually leave to get some moment of peace. It’s actually very helpful since it makes you see things in a more not-frazzled sort of way.

As I visited my presumed-dead blog, I realized I’ve been doing nothing but book reviews. Lots of it. Dumping it down here like it was some sort of review box. And most of them weren’t really proper reviews – more like rants of what I felt during my entire reading time (lol @ old me). So I deleted them and decided I’d do another round. In fact, before I began writing this post, I managed to clean my site a bit. My old self weren’t really concerned about the quality of my posts – but merely the quantity. Well, that’s me. Whenever I try something new, I get so excited and I couldn’t contain myself from posting too much.

So, I decided I’ll do better! Yay, me! Starting now, I’ll be writing about stuff which ARE NOT book reviews or even book-related. Although I did say I’ll be blogging about reading and books, I think it’s quite refreshing to be able to share some parts of me or what I really do out of the book-blogging world. Take bookstagram, for example. I actually surprised myself at how much I’ve been spending my time there recently. And it made me discover my passion for photography and the strive for the aesthetic (although my sense of aesthetic is a bit, well, a bit wonky) so I decided to dedicate an entire category for it. I’ll be sharing some of my bookish photos, some non-bookish, as well some tips and ideas I’ve learned. It’ll be a little slow, but I hope you guys will like it. I couldn’t promise that I’ll be active all the time, but I’ll try to be here. To be honest, I’m excited! Are you? I hope you are!

Thank you so much for sticking with me all throughout. And here’s to another refreshing start! Cheers!



One thought on “Where Have I Been?

  1. So I read this earlier but I haven’t been that great at blog hopping so I’m only writing this comment now… but I just wanted to say I’m so proud of you for making that decision, Joyce! Do what makes you happy even if that means changing your blog focus a little bit or posting less.

    I also came to a similar resolve early last year. Like you, I started off as a book blog… but I learned that I liked sharing about other things, too. I know my Summing It Up posts (which are essentially my monthly recap/favorites) aren’t getting a lot of attention because they’re quite unbookish but it doesn’t bother me since I love talking about K-pop, anime, and Asian dramas. :’) Anyway, you do you, girl. 🙂

    Gosh, I can totally relate with you on the academic front. Juggling blogging with school is really tough. And I saw your latest IG post about upcoming finals… Push through the semester; you got this. Good luck!


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