Book Review Guide

Hello! This page, as stated from above, is a guide on how I rate and write my book reviews! Though I’m no pro, I just assumed it’ll look very proper if you guys knew how I grade each novel I read. Ha-ha.

I’ll be enumerating some of the factors that affects my rating score:

  1. I do judge a book by its cover. Oftentimes, I am found guilty of buying books with brilliant covers. But there are some books with good covers but a sucky story, and there are some with a sucky cover but has a mind-blowing story. But hey, what matters is really the inside, right?
  2. Summary. A book’s summary might be short – but it’s actually everything! Well, that’s what our school paper adviser used to remind me. Summary, synopsis – yeah, whatever you call it. This and the cover are the ones who’s in-charge of attracting the readers, in this case, well, me.
  3. The characters. I despise “perfect” or Mary Sue-ish fictional characters unless there’s a well-explained reason behind it. I despise sniveling wimps. I despise hypocrite protagonists. I despise girl protagonists who’s ALWAYS in dire need of their men. Yeah, you probably get my point.
  4. Plot. I’m not that harsh to demand plot holes the size of Mount Everest from the authors, but it’s highly appreciated! Ha-ha. But plot twists must be reasonable AT ALL COST.
  5. Writing style. Highly quotable character statements, snarky, dorky, and witty conversations, and just really good narration are all included in this category.

My rating varies from 5 perfect flowers (yeah, I’m becoming that flower girl I most dreaded) up to 1, which means it’s the worst.