The Blog

Hi, and welcome to my blog – thebookharpy!

Imagine my younger self scrolling through the Internet, doing random quizzes about “Which Percy Jackson and the Olympians character are you?” and hey, surprise, surprise! I’ve got Ella the harpy – who’s known as a character who lives in a library so she reads almost ALL of the books back there. And when I was scrounging my brain for names, I suddenly thought “Hey, why not a book harpy or something?”.

And thus, it all began.

thebookharpy actually started way, way back but since I was still new (and definitely clueless) to the book blogging world, I still didn’t appreciate it at first. But then, I really did try my hardest and who knew? I’ve met really nice people and they’ve helped me become familiar with some stuff and I could say I’ve learned along too! Then I realized it’s really fun.

This blog is mainly dedicated for my love of books and reading, but of course, I’ve added bits of myself too! So expect some uploads of photos, rants about how awesome or sucky my vacation went, or reviews of some great places or shops located here in Davao, the place that I grew up.

I am also a struggling Christian – struggling, in a sense that I could really tell that I am not really healthy in terms of faith and devotion to God. So, I would also be including a few posts about my spiritual journey as I go along with what my life has to offer.

Basically, you’ll be pulled into my world – a world full of color, words, laughter and strange music.

See you!